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While we provide quick links, we recommend you log in for customized and detailed benefits information including eligibility, claim status and annuity balance.

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How Can I Get Information About My Benefits?

The best way to obtain benefit information, including plan schedule and limitations and where you stand with their deductible and maximums is by logging onto

Do I Need a Card?

In general, members are not issued cards. However, you can log in and print, download or display a card with basic eligibility information. The best way for a provider to verify your eligibility and beneits is for them to sign in to

How Can I Submit a Claim?

You may sign in and upload claims to Attachments for claims can be uploaded as well.

Dental claims should be submitted electronically. This process will expedite payment as well as cut back on potential errors in payments. Our Payor ID for Clearinghouses is CX076.

How Can I Check the Status of a Claim?

The best way to obtain claim status is by logging onto You will need to set up a user account.

Why Use a Participating Dentist?

Most of our plans provide access to receiving care from participating dentists. These dentists are apply and are credentialled by ASO based on their qualifications. Participating dentists agree to provide the highest standards of care, while limiting or eliminating the member's our of pocket responsibility. Please check your Plan's Schedule and review savings when searching for participating dentists. The majority of our plans do not require you to see a participating dentist to receive benefits, but some do.

You should always confirm the dentist's participation status and any out of pocket responsibility at the time of service.